holiday cottages in norway
Holiday in Norway.

The land of fjords and mountains.

Travel to the north, where during summer the sun never sets.
Enjoy the mountains on hiking trips, with breathtaking views and pure tranquility.
Experience the excellent ski possibilities in the mid-lands during the extended and snow-secure winter season.
Travel the fjords, the fisherman's paradise.
Relax on the sunny beaches in the south.
Enjoy the perfect family vacation in the land of the trolls and vikings.

Find a holiday cottage / hytte at hytter.com to accomplish your Norwegian holiday dream.

Hytter.com is the oldest (since 2002) and biggest source for holiday cottages in Norway.
You will find a selection of privately owned hytter / cottages and a selection of cottages available through rental agencies.
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Hytter.com is not a rental organization. We simply provide the largest holiday cottage index in Norway.